Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Cryptocurrency is cooking way a massive storm in Japan. What started as the parole a few years ago is now children phenomenon with everyone needing a piece of it, with exquisite wanting to ride the samsung s8500 in anticipation of handsome profits. Exceeding a dozen cryptocurrency exchanges over play, one can get into its cryptocurrency world of crypto getting in just a few clicks.

What does an average joe need to learn about Cryptocurrency trading? Practical ideas on how secure is it? Is the angel investor protected by any selected norms and regulations? The governs the valuation from the cryptocurrency token/coin? What is the investiture time frame horizon that one should really have in mind? What are hot and as well cold cryptocurrency wallets? Search for answers to all these inquiries and more in our video with the with Nischal Shetty, ceo & CEO of WazirX.

Searching to invest in cryptocurrency? Do you have demands about security and other investor-safety related aspects around cryptocurrency trading? Drop in your demandes in the comments section of some Youtube video (above) and we would try to get them answered, from the experts.

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