In an effort to attract a younger audience, Netflix is planning to roll out a short video feature that functions similarly to TikTok. The platform will showcase short video clips (it is unclear whether these are 1-minute long, or 30-seconds short) to shed a light on more of its titles. This feature will be available on the iOS version of Netflix, and can be expected to roll out to Android devices after that.

What is Netflix’s Kid’s Clips feature?

Netflix’s Kid’s Clips feature will showcase excerpts from its shows aimed at children. The idea is to attract a younger audience, and increase the platform’s user base. Netflix already has a separate Kids profile that’s filled with cartoons and shows aimed at children, tweens and even young teens. However, the company feels that these titles are not getting the exposure they need, and is therefore showcasing the same through its new Kid’s Clips feature.

Netflix already has a slightly similar feature known as Fast Laughs. Fast Laughs showcases comedy clips from different shows in a vertical format. Kid’s Clips, on the other hand, may not restrict itself to humour, and will show videos in a horizontal format. 

To prevent kids from getting a little too hooked onto the app, Netflix will ensure that they can only watch 10-20 videos at a time. 

Where will Netflix’s Kid’s Clips be available?

For now, Netflix is rolling out the feature in the United States, along with a few Spanish-speaking countries of South America. The feature will also be rolled out in Canada, Ireland and Australia during the first phase. 

Netflix is also rolling out games on its Android app and is trying to do the same for its iOS app, but Apple’s rules mean that it can’t go about it the same was as on Android. With so much being planned, it seems that the OTT platform is quite serious about expanding its customer base.

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