Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Streaming services have really levelled up in the past few years. OTT services such as Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+Hotstar have made massive inroads into the Indian market. In a competitive market, each service offers its own twist on content. With various offers such as a free weekend of content and more, Netlfix has tried to diversify its subscription model with various Netflix India subscription plans. 

The latest being a new entry-level plan that costs Rs 299 a month. The plan is called the Netflix Rs 299 Mobile+ plan and allows users to consume HD content on one screen. 

Netflix Rs 299 Mobile+ Plan introduced in India

In fact, Netflix also has another Mobile plan that costs Rs 199. It offers viewing on only one device at a time and this device can only be a phone or a tablet. In addition, video streaming quality will only be in Standard Definition (SD). So, for Rs 100 more on this Netflix Mobile+ plan, you should have access to actual HD content. But remember, you will be limited to watching content on only one screen at a time. With this move, Netflix is looking at gaining more ‘mobile’ subscribers. Meaning, it is looking for subscribers who consume most of their content on a mobile screen. 

Netlfix is also looking at bolstering its content line-up in India with a wide range of shows and movies. From what we know, there are about 40 original Netflix India shows and films that are coming soon. With the Indian government tightening the screws with regard to censorship, will content actually be affected on Netflix and other OTT platforms? Will it turn into the unwatchable mess that is India television? Only time will tell, but for now, a Rs 299 Mobile+ plan sounds like a move in the right direction for the OTT giant. 

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