Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

While Indian gamers are fighting scalpers selling the PS5 at exorbitant prices, it looks like some are looking to bring the console into their homes without their better half finding out. It doesn’t help that the console is quite huge, but what helps is that it looks like a Wi-Fi router, kinda.  

Information making the rounds on Vietnamese Facebook networks tells the story of one such individual who wanted to bring home a PS5 and had to deceive his wife. He has reportedly installed the console as a 5G Wi-Fi router in his house. According to the report by Gizmochina, “The man is said to have instructed the guy from Sony who was going to install the console to dress up in the uniform of a local network service provider. They didn’t stop there, a sticker of the network’s after-sales service contact was pasted on the side of the PS5 to further douse any suspicion the wife might have”.

It looks like the individual has gone through a lot of trouble to hide the true nature of the console from his wife. But the question remains, what will happen when she catches him playing a game on the console? Or what if the internet stops working, and she decides to switch the console off and on? 

What further remains to be seen is whether the individual was inspired by the following video, which features a PS4 Pro being passed off as a router and is installed by a professional “networking” representative. Take a look and laugh. Remember to switch on the English subtitles.

In other news of wives not letting their husbands game on a PlayStation, a Taiwanese man was forced to sell his PS5 when his wife discovered it wasn’t an air purifier. You can read the details of that story here. If you are looking to get your hands on a PS5, you can check out our review of the console here and our comparison between the PS5 and Xbox Series X here. 

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