Earlier this year, Razer revealed home plans to develop and luxury crusie ship Smart face masks right at the end of this year. The brand can make good on its provide and has finally revealed unquestionably the Zephyr, a Smart RGB breathing apparatus designed for gamers to use around pandemic.

What is Razer’s Zephyr? type src=

What is Razer’s Zephyr?

Zephyr will be Razer’s newest offering. To the wise mask has replaceable N95 filters and a dual admirer active air filtration system that is claimed to not only sustain the user, but also those attached. The transparent front mask has silicone edges so that your mask can create a secure seal off around the mouth and snout, ensuring protection from germs but also viruses. Additionally , it has anti-fog coating and interior beam, along with the exterior RGB bright lights that you can control via your entire smartphone. The interior lights really are added to the product to ensure that the face is visible in the dark.

What is Razer’s Zephyr?

How much does Razer’s Beneficial Face Mask Cost?

Razer’s Smart Face Mask reportedly overhead $100 (Rs 7, 205 approx converted) for the masks itself, or $150 regarding starter kit, which includes a lot of replaceable N95 filters. Sole filter is priced at $30 if you intend to buy them individually.

The masks had been out of stock on Razer’s internet business, and it may be a while ahead everyone can get their hands on them.

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