A YouTuber by the name of Krollywood took Far Cry 5’s level editor and remade almost every level from the cult classic FPS shooter GoldenEye.

Krollywood, The Madlad

He dedicated almost 2.5 years of his life to this project and spent almost 1400 hours making it. He has remade all 18 levels of GoldenEye except for the 2 bonus levels. If you want to check these levels out yourself, you can search the PSN username – “Perfect-Dark1982” in Far Cry 5.
 “All 18 levels are fully playable with high details and easter eggs. Some of the original levels are combined to one FarCry level.”, Krollywood stated in his Reddit post he made on r/PS4 where he showed his creation off to everybody. He even put some photos comparing the original GoldenEye levels to the levels he made in Far Cry 5.

Krollywood has released a whole trailer of all the levels he made which can be viewed here : 

He has made a YouTube Playlist with full in-depth walkthroughs of all the levels.

Far Cry 5 GoldenEye

Arcade Mode in Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5’s level editor is a tool that is loved by many especially because it keeps the fun going even after the main story is finished. Players from all around the world have shown their creativity and made some fantastic levels but in our personal opinion, this guy has one upped everybody by making such a huge tribute to the OG GoldenEye. 

Sadly, the beloved arcade mode (the level editor) won’t be making its way in Far Cry 6 as Ubisoft has confirmed its departure from the series. All in all, it is a must play for both GoldenEye enthusiasts and Far Cry enthusiasts combined since it merges the level design from back in the day with the newer graphics and weapons. We for one will surely be re-downloading Far Cry 5 just to relive sweet sweet nostalgia of the OG GoldenEye.

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