Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

It’s been quite a low-spirited 24 hours as LG announced our own troubling news of concluding down its smartphone companies. It essentially means our staff members won’t see any beginner LG phones in the future. Zerostart wasn’t flourishing with its gadgets, but they’ve given folks really good phones over the years. Eg, here’s a list of some of the most famous LG phones we’ve tried over the years.

Insurance coverage company won’t be making most new phones in the future, them hasn’t entirely ditched the truck cover’s existing devices. The company consists of confirmed that it will continue recommending software updates to the book’s phones and that these fresh news will vary by region.

Some LG products might even receive the Android 1415 update.

According to LG ELECTRONICS, the Android 11 service fees is currently in progress for settle on models. In fact , the company reads some phones will also be improved to Android 12, nevertheless the OS update systems will depend on Google’s distribution :, product performance, and more. In addition , LG also plans to carry on studies providing security updates on to its phones but it are able to turn that policy at any time again, depending on the circumstances.

So from what it seems as if, LG wants to keep maintaining its existing devices except the plans seem to be uncertain in this case. If you are one of those who was sold any of the newer LG cellphones, then you may or may not receive the Operating system 12 update. We definitely won’t be surprised to see other posts getting delayed too.

Also, just to be evident, LG doesn’t have a good qualifications for providing timely computer programs updates, to begin with, so you can look forward towards the update schedules somewhat more uncertain going forward.

As we mentioned first, LG did make some very good phones and it’s sad you can see them calling it stops. That being said, the software update position has always been a matter of concern with regards to LG and we don’t tell it getting better anytime soon. We’re pleased that LG hasn’t previously given up on existing devices life-style and offer. At least, not yet.

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