Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

LAVIE Mini is the second solution that is announced by the company NEC this year at the all-digital CES 2021. The LAVIE Mini is a small-scale and portable gaming laptop which comes in an 8-inch form factor.

The device features an 8-inch WUXGA touchscreen and weighs surrounding 579 grams. It is powered by – an Intel Core i7 11th Generation CPU and the graphics are handled by Intel Iris Xe Graphics. The mobile comes with small backlit round aspects in Crystal White color providing an translucent look. It also offers a 360 degree hinge making it a two-in-one ragtop laptop and can switch easily approximately tablet and laptop mode.

The laptop includes elective accessories such as a docking station to link your PC to an external input watch such as a 4K TV for show sharing. It has an inbuilt webcam you can use for making video calls. The device comes with optical touch sensor instead of a brick and mortar trackpad due to the small form factor.

The portable gaming operator dock makes the LAVIE Mini a good handy gaming PC with Xbox 360 game styled buttons making it familiar desire to turn into gamers. Last year we got to check out Dell’s Alienware handheld gaming PC. In the meanwhile there is no pricing or availability with the prototype.

Companies setting up prototypes like these create a spur interested in handheld portable gaming devices that may have been played while on the go as long as you can pop it on your TELEVISION AND RADIO when home to play it on the big screen. We have seen likes involving handheld devices from NVIDIA female Razer which shows that there is a business for such devices. A device choose to Nintendo Switch is proof there’s a market for gamers that want a heavy handheld gaming device that is not a smartphone.

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