PUBG: New State is truly barely a few weeks old, even so it looks like it’s already oriented towards its own fair share of identity thieves and cheaters. In a file on its official web pages, Krafton Inc acknowledged the use of cheaters and noted it can easily be doing its minor bit to ensure a fair playing healthy environment.

“We find a steep increase in the application of unauthorized 3rd party programs on the weekend of November 20-22. We fully acknowledge the several severity of the situation because understand the frustration and mambo programmers that the vast majority of Remainders will be feeling due to this step up and will vigorously continue to movement updates and introduce new kinds of and improved measures with the intention to enhance our anti-cheat designs, ” the company noted included in the post.

PUBG: Another State – Curtailing scammers

In order to curtail currently the hackers, the developers recorded that the game went into routine maintenance on November 23 to help apply certain changes. Doing this included enhanced measures which will detect the use of third-party purposes. This would be able to do so on real-time. Not only that, but the construtors also secured potential weak spots that could be exploited. This could extend to the creation of illegal third-party programs.

Krafton notes that it went up the severity of prohibitions imposed on users most typically associated with such programs. The builders further noted that deeper updates will be added later to detect and conduct the use of unauthorised programs.

PUBG: New Nation was launched globally on Nov 2012 11. The game is set in 2051 where the world is often gripped in anarchy, eventually leading to the emergence of ligue. The game deploys 100 families on the new battleground declared Troi. This is an 8km pornographie 8km map that is littered with advanced weaponry and technical support like drone defines, vehicles and new in-game ui mechanics. The PUBG Fresh, new State also has realistic artwork with the introduction of global luminance technology making it better than plenty other previous titles in the PUBG franchise in terms of graphical beneficial quality.

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