Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

In a bid to bring newest subscribers to its networking system, telecom operator Reliance Jio has today announced the newest “JioPhone 2021 Offer” that will be available from March 1 ) The new offer is an extension of Jio’s plans to upgrade millions of 2G users in India to the heightened 4G baseband that their network operates on. Jio claims to have successfully upgraded more than 100 million users to its 4G platform to date. However , it now plans to upgrade 3 x this number to its 4G network with the help of its JioPhone 2021 offer.

Speaking about this new offer, Akash Ambani, Director, Reliance Jio, commented, “There are still 300 million subscribers in India who remain trapped in the 2G era, unable to access basic features of the internet, at a time, if the world stands at the cusp of a 5G revolution. Since the last 4 years, Jio has democratised the internet and passed on some great benefits of technology to every Indian. Technology no longer remains a privilege of a select few. The New JioPhone 2021 offer is another step up that direction. At Jio, we have and will continue to just take bold steps to eradicate this digital divide and welcome every Indian to join this movement. ”

What is the new JioPhone 2021 offer?

What is the new JioPhone 2021 offer?

Underneath the new JioPhone 2021 offer, the telecom operator is providing a JioPhone with a couple of years of unlimited service at a one-time price of Rs 1, 999. Within the offer, new subscribers is likely to be extended a number of benefits, including unlimited voice calls and 2GB high-speed data each day for a period of couple of years. In fact , the company is pegging this offer as one where in fact the subscriber will not have to get a recharge for the first two years. The only real cost associated will be the Rs 1, 999 initial payment for the device.

Interestingly, Reliance Jio can be offering a one-year plan underneath the JioPhone 2021 offer. Because of this, subscribers will have to shell out Rs 1, 499 as a one-time payment and inturn, the telecom operator provides them with the JioPhone device and 12 months together with unlimited service which will embody unlimited voice calls and TWO GB of high-speed data regular for usage.

Additionally , Jio has also has announced a plan for existing Jio individuals. Under this, existing JioPhone users can get the same TWO GB daily data and illimited calls for a year, but at the more affordable price of Rs 749. However , under this information plan, the company will not be bundling a free JioPhone for use when the plan can only be running on existing JioPhone terms.

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