With the launch of the Iphone 13 looming large, we have access to got some news towards iPhone 14. It looks like The apple company could be implementing 120Hz platforms across the entire iPhone quince lineup. A report published on your Elec stated that LG ELECTRONICS Display is looking at launching production on LTPO OLED displays (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) which will then be functional on the iPhone 14. Could may be good news, the iPhone thirteen Pro models will be the basically only ones that come with a 120HZ display. The report what’s more goes on to state that LG Computer screen is in discussions with Avaco to procure LTPO manufacturing systems.

Apple ipod touch 12 specs

Just a few performances ago we reported so Apple was looking at attaining an ultrawide lens along the iPhone 13 Pro. When using the iPhone 14, once LG ELECTRONICS gets the official nod outside of Apple, final orders will take place. Again, this is easy to access . rumour as nothing is usually officially announced by Fruit or Samsung as yet. One particular upcoming iPhone 13 Po will feature Samsung LTPO displays while the base alternatives will all feature THIN FILM TRANSISTOR OLED displays from LG ELECTRONICS.

The iPhone two week is also rumoured to come using an in-display fingerprint sensor. Any kind of 6. 7 variant will be said to coming as well. As of this moment, Apple has not mentioned almost anything to the press as we are sure the company is looking toward the launch of the itouch new generation ipod 13, later this year.

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