Samsung’s The Frame Technique Store not only offers change to fit any home decoration and stunning QLED image quality, but also transforms the user’s display into a window into your world. In October, all the Art Store is suggested its partnership with Whanki Museum and the collection of standard-setter artist Kim Whanki.


As a pioneer of Korean language abstract painting, Kim Whanki created his unique and as well , characteristic art with highly processed, formative expression that is specific to Korean lyricism. He was noted for his artworks with centers for modern benefits that include Paris and Newjersey.


Samsung Electronics are partnering with Whanki Public since 2018 to educate a range of Kim Whanki’s artworks to global customers and put up easier access to Korean present art.


Samsung Newsroom reached out to Whanki Memorial curator Min-A Sung tell anyone how art can serve as an actual medium for both information and empathy.



Cultivating Artistic Energy and ‘Art For All’

▲ Exterior view of Whanki Museum


Whanki Museum, established in 1992, creates a variety of artistic and additionally cultural content through the scientific studies, exhibition and publication around the work of contemporary artists. This particular museum also provides enlightening programs and seeks into embody the philosophy over ‘Art for All’ by making a range of programs that open disadvantaged groups to artistic creation and culture. “ Whanki Museum will become an open location for facilitating communication moreover building empathy based on benefits energy, ” says the memorial representative. “ The joint venture with The Frame Art Online store provides increased opportunities for my family to share our culture and artistic creation. ”


▲ Inside Whanki Museum



How Samsung Instructs With Global Consumers By way of the Frame Art Store

The most important museum representative also annotation that the ways people expend art are changing. “Art now influences our each day lives, ” they say. “In order to keep up with these shiftings, we need to introduce new ways for everyone to experience art, and try to acquire experts to combine art and in addition technology. ”


Evening Star , 1964


The representative increases that they have high hopes for the most important collaboration between the museum in addition Samsung. “ Vivid colouring scheme and contrast, which produce refined sense of tempo, are key aspects of Kim’s artistic style, ” many think. “The Frame’s QLED 4K display is the perfect thick for his work to get showcased to viewers nationally. ”


With Portion Dot technology that allows much more than a billion colors to be were displayed at 100% color amounts, The Frame allows aesthetic intent to come through vividly through a bright screen with factual color reproduction.



Get good at KIM Whanki’s Artistic Revisión Realized on The Frame

Whanki Museum has introduced ten regarding Kim’ s major functions The Frame Art Hold since 2018. This has providential users to enjoy major works hard such as Deer and Eternity Song , as well as a variety of pieces who were not easily accessible to the users before.


12-V-70 #172 , 1970


In addition to displaying Kim’s artworks, The Frame Art Keep also provides background information towards the pieces. “ The curatorial department has created descriptions each and every artwork to provide resources which is deliver a range of perspectives and as a consequence introduce Kim’s artistic assuming they to more people, ” relates the representative. “ We hope the detailed details provided by Whanki Museum can help users experience the pieces while vivid and stunning exceptional, just as though they were reading them in a gallery. ”


The Frame Art Boutique offers a comprehensive, ever-expanding number artworks to satisfy customers’ would like and match any ambiance or atmosphere. Its record now includes around en, 500 artworks from a amount of periods and styles that were based from 40 famous museums and galleries and are loaded in exceptional 4K entscheidung.


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