The 13th Gen Intel Raptor Lake-S CPU criterias and lineup has reveal online and it looks rather impressive. Several days ago, information about the twelfth Gen Intel Processors on the layer on the web which referenced an absolute Core-i9 12900k beating a new good AMD Ryzen 9 5900X in multi-core performance. Yet , the 13th Gen Intel Raptor Lake-S CPU supplies even more stuff to the table.

Intel Raptor Lake-S PROCESSOR Leak Specs

13th Gen Intel Raptor Lake-S CPU leak specs consists of TDP

As per the leak by using AdoredTV, The Intel Secuestrador Lake-S lineup is coming on the inside October 2022 and will contend with the AMD Zen4 structure. Intel’s Raptor lake does share the same LGA 1700 socket as its predecessor Alder Stream. The 13th Gen Intel Raptor Lake CPUs may very well feature powerful Raptor Cove cores in addition to power-efficient Gracemont Cov cores. The Bird of prey lake CPUs will most likely have got a higher IPC rating, extra frequency and better performance every single watt relative to Alder Stream.

The thirteenth Gen Intel CPUs will probably feature powerful Raptor Cove cores for higher sexual performance and a higher number of Gracemont Cove cores for producing higher efficiency. As a result, an top-spec 13th Gen Intel Core i9 “K” range CPU will have 24 colora??es and 32 Threads, that may be essentially double the durillon compared to 12th Gen.

As per the report, you see, the 13th Gen Core i7 will present 16 cores/24 threads. Each of our “K” variant of the Core-i5 will have 14cores/20threads (6 Bird of prey cores and 8 Gracemont cores), however , the Nasiums version will feature an SKU with 14 Core/24 place (6 Raptor cores and therefore 8 Gracemont cores) method 10 core/16 threads SKU (6 Raptor cores and consequently 4 Gracemont cores).

The 13th Style Core i3 will come with 4 induration and 4 threads (4 Raptor cores). Lastly, any ultra-low-power Pentium CPUs have a 4 core and 3 thread setup (2 Secuestrador cores).

My “K” series CPU often come with 125W of maximum TDP. The mainstream SKUs will most likely consume 65W and the power-efficient T-series CPUs will only ought to have 35W of power.

Every “Core” Intel processor will launch along with Iris Xe graphics having features such as 32 execution units to suit higher-end and 24 also 14 units for small powered CPUs.

In terms of clock speed, the actual 13th Gen Intel Captor Lake-S CPU will include a 200MHz additional clock hasten, pushing it to a very high 5. 6GHz. Additionally , the most important Intel Raptor Lake-S Processors will also have support needed for 5600MHz RAM speed or older to 6500MHz for LPDDR5X RAM.

The harder number of efficiency cores in to Raptor lake will make android mobile phone CPUs more effective in terms of battery-life. It’ll be a direct blow to help Apple’s M1 chip which always currently offers one of the peak battery backups in Apple macbook Air and Pro if ever the leaks are true.

Keep in mind that Intel Livsaften lake and Raptor beach will use 10nm nodes. Meteor Lake is poised as a first 7nm process beyond Intel and it is now identified as Intel 5. If such leaks are true next the future looks bright intended for Intel.

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