Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

It looks like ATMs are about to get a bit of an upgrade as Intel has announced its RealSenseID camera system for the machines. It not only functions as a camera but also comes with biometric features that are ideal for ATMs and even smart locks. The new system melds a specialized neural network with an active depth sensor for accurate results. With this initiative, Intel looks to bring high-end facial recognition and authentication to everyday devices like ATMs and such. 

Intel’s RealSenseID could be used on ATMs

RealSenseID will be available for $99 to start with and should hit the market sometime later in 2021. The system works similarly to FaceID found on Apple devices in that it uses a combination of two cameras and sensors to capture depth and using specialized neural networks, actively distinguishes different faces. With this technology, we could see more smartphone-like biometric features on devices such as ATMs and even on future vending machines and the like. These could even be used as electronic locks for homes, offices etc. 

In a statement regarding false faces and even photographic recognition, Intel has said that, “The solution is also only activated through user awareness and will not authenticate unless prompted by a pre-registered user. As with all Intel technology, we are working to ensure the ethical application of RealSense and the protection of human rights.”. What that entails remains to be seen. 

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