Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Instagram on Tuesday rolled out the ‘Live Room’ feature, which allows users to go live with up to 3 other users (or ‘guests’) simultaneously. The feature was being tested in India for some time and is the only country apart from Indonesia where it’s rolled out on a broader level.

“From the launch of Reels to the testing and rollout of Live Rooms, India is playing a crucial role in the way products are being designed for the future,” Ajit Mohan, Vice President and Managing Director, Facebook India, said in a statement.

The company revealed that in March, Instagram Live views in India grew 60 per cent on a week-on-week basis. This makes it even more evident why India is a key market for all the big feature releases from the company.

It’s been a long time since Instagram launched the live broadcast feature on the platform. In October 2017, Instagram added a feature that allowed users to broadcast live with a friend. It lets you invite anyone watching the broadcast to join, although only two people could appear in the broadcast simultaneously, shown through a split-screen. The owner of the broadcast can add and remove ‘guests’ during the live.

Now with the ability to go Live with up to three users, creators and influencers can now host better live sessions with a more diverse source of content and information while reaching a wider audience. Lots of creators use Instagram live as a primary source of engagement, host talk shows, podcasts and even jam sessions. The ability to go live with up to three users will also cater to users who had to rely on other platforms for a group live session.

Instagram says the rollout for ‘Live Rooms’ has begun and will be available to everyone in India and Indonesia soon.

How to use Instagram’s ‘Live Rooms’ feature

To go live with multiple users simultaneously, swipe right from the home screen to open the Instagram camera, or tap on the ‘+’ icon. Swipe to ‘Live’ from the list of camera options and tap the shutter button to go live. Now, to add guests, tap the camera/Rooms icon and type the username to add them or simply accept the request if they’ve sent one.

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