Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

With India having administered 170 million (vaccination doses in August, and 17% of adults being fully vaccinated, the country is now taking concrete steps towards opening the economy and healing. To facilitate the same, the CoWin App now has a new API – the KYC-VS API or the Know Your Customer – Vaccine Status API. This means that the app will now feature an Aadhar-like verification process that allows you to update your vaccination status for others to verify. 

How does the new CoWIN KYC-VS API work?

How does the new CoWIN KYC-VS API work?

Once a business integrates the API into their system, they only need to enter two key details – the name of the person they are verifying and their mobile number. The person will then receive an OTP, and once it is entered in the system, their vaccination status will be displayed. Based on the announcement on the PIB website, the only information that will be displayed is whether the person is not vaccinated, partially vaccinated, or fully vaccinated. All other details will remain private.

How will the new CoWIN KYC-VS API help India heal?

With socio-economic activities all set to resume, it is essential for business owners, vendors, and other key stakeholders to be able to gauge their safety. While experts have actively reminded the public that double vaccinations do not guarantee that you will not get Covid-19, or will not transmit it to another person, knowing the vaccine status of an individual can help increase your own safety by inspiring you to take key measures while interacting with people. 

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