As if making critically talented and financially profitable board games was not enough, Hideo Kojima is now looking at jumping headfirst into the world of TV and so film. His company, Kojima Productions is now creating a different division that will focus on Shows, music and films. Kojima has been a true auteur in the wonderful world of gaming, delivering hits for instance Metal Gear Series, T. T and Death Stranding. His games have always been in its place unique and always give the footballer something to think about. Who knows practical ideas on how this new venture will elaborare, but one thing we do know usually whatever Kojimal comes up with, it will certainly definitely be interesting.

#KojimaProductions are actually proud to announce experienced new business division will be getting in California, USA.
This can explore opportunities beyond games development into film, television for computer and other forms of entertainment.
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— KOJIMA STAGE SHOWS (Eng) (@KojiPro2015_EN) November twenty two, 2021

The story was made on Twitter of Monday. The company has said that it could be opening a new smaller business division that is based in California. The main aim, as of now, seems bringing the creations of Kojima to a live-action setting. In an exceedingly statement to the media, Riley Russell stated, “ They has as its charter, encourage expanding the reach and as well awareness of the properties this under development at Kojima Productions, and to make them, a lot of, a part of our popular contemporary society. Although we are a global being organized, the new business development mafia will be centred in Usually are, CA. We are truly restless and looking forward to working with the easiest entertainment talent we can, over all of the entertainment industries. ”

Kojima isn’t stranger to the world of Hollywood in addition to filmmaking as he’s lately been involved with everyone from Guillermo Del Toro to Mads Mikkelsen. So , it’s not absolutely adore he’s walking into a permanently unknown industry. As for what exactly are the studio will be working on the first thing is, there is no word on those as yet, but we do know that there’s a Metal Gear Tough live-action film in the conduite. What do you guys remember Kojima’s newest venture?

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