Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Garena Free Fire and Call of Duty: Mobile are getting into the spirit. Both games have announced new Valentine’s Day themed items. As one might expect, all the items are excessively pink and prominently feature hearts or ‘love’. Here’s what players can expect in both the games.

Garena Free Fire Valentine’s Day event: Valentine’s Star lucky draw

Garena Free Fire’s Valentine’s Day event is a lucky spin that players can partake in. Called the Valentine’s Star, players can then spin the said star to win prizes. Grand prizes include the unique Power of Love Gloo Wall, Rose bandana, Valentine’s Fox skin for the Spirit Fox pet and more. The first spin is free for all players and more items will be added with each subsequent spin. Garena says that all the grand prizes are guaranteed with 10 spins.

Event duration: Till Feb 18

Garena Free Fire Valentine’s Day event: Valentine’s Wish

Valentine’s Wish is another event that Garena is hosting. The event allows players to ‘wish’ and draw a prize pool. In other words, it’s another lucky draw. These prizes will be drawn from a prize pool. Players can either make a single wish or 11 wishes in one go. Items in the prize pool include the Heartbreak Cupid Bundle, Sweetheart Cupid Bundle, SCAR-Cupid, AK47-Valentines and more.

Event duration: Till Feb 14

Call of Duty: Mobile Valentine’s Day crate: Sweet Valentine Crate

The Sweet Valentine Crate in Call of Duty: Mobile gives players the chance to win Anime/Valentine’s Day themed items. This includes the Tank-Knockout, Anime Enthusiast Calling Card and Mecha Spray. Do note that buying a crate does not guarantee winning a grand prize. Further, there is a chance to win duplicate items, which will then be converted to credits.

Call of Duty: Mobile Valentine’s Day bundle: Valentine Bundle

In case you want guaranteed Valentine’s Day items, then Call of Duty: Mobile’s Valentine bundle might just be what you are looking for. The bundle includes Valentine skins for the wingsuit, parachute, backpack and grenade. It also features Hearts skins for the wingsuit and ATV.

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