Call of Duty: Mobile is getting players the chance to earn each Katana melee weapon cost-free. In order to earn the artillery, players are tasked as well as completing the Sharpened Requirements Featured Event. In order to total the event, players will have to whole certain tasks to produce points. Once a set sum of points is earned, people will unlock the Katana. Along the way, players will also uncover a host of other rewards.

Call of Duty: Mobile – Honed Skills tasks and merchandise

Play 10 MEGA PIXEL Matches – 10 points

Use the Shadow Sharp edge Operator Skill 5 times near MP Matches – 12 points

Execute 20 enemies with the Of an Blade Operator Skill as MP matches – 35 points

Take home the Backstabber Medal five times in MP matches knowledge 15 points

Kill 20 enemies whilst Lightweight and Dead QuiĆ©tude perk equipped – ten features

Play major MP matches – 10 tips

Kill nine enemies with melee tools – 15 points

Kill 10 players with melee weapons / 25 points

Deal 6000 damage in the MP matches – 22 points

Beat the game 5 MP matches / 20 points

?call of duty?: Mobile – Sharpened Required skills rewards

60 directs – 120 Credits

70 points guideline 20 Weapon XP invites

80 factors – HS2126 Shotgun: Guarana

120 considerations – Backpack 1: Variety

140 stuff – Katana

?call of duty?: Mobile – Katana technical specs

The Katana typically melee weapon and as such, can easily kill most opponents accompanied by single hit. However , gamblers will have to get up close for being hit. Thankfully, like most melee weapons, it offers high increased mobility. This allows players to seal the distance quickly.

Damage: 200

Fire rate: 10

Accuracy: 70

Mobility: 90

Range: 10

Control: 70

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