The Crossbow is one of the most up-to-date weapons added to Call of Duty: Mobile phone. It was added as a part of season 7 Elite of the High level update. The new weapon has an extremely slow fire-rate, yet the damage is high. Other, the weapon is quiet and can be equipped with multiple the various models of bolts, each offering its pros and cons. The Crossbow could very well be earned by completing the Target Use Seasonal Challenge.

Here is how you can unlock the Crossbow in Call of Duty: Mobile

Use the Sparrow Operator Technique five times in MP match up – 200x Credits and after that 1000x Battle Pass EXPERIENCE

Kill all 5 enemies with the Sparrow Agent Skill in MP football matches – 15x Weapon 7 Cards and 1000x Prevent Pass XP

Earn the One Shot, Just one Kill medal five times over MP matches – MW11 – Scarab and 1000x Battle Pass XP

Kill 15 enemy with Pistols in any setting – Striker – Scarab and 3000x Battle Goes away XP

Assassinate oxford learner’s thesaurus ? oxford university press, 2008. 15 enemies with virtually any Shotgun in any mode a substantial The Big Guns spray & 3000x Battle Pass XP OR 7

Kill 30 enemies with any Shotgun equipped with 5 attachments exactly what you need Fennec – Colorweave furthermore 4000x Battle Pass VISTA

Win 5 various MP matches with the Stability Perk equipped – Crossbow and 5000x Battle Give XP

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