Samsung Electronics today announced because its commercial 5G virtualized RAN(vRAN) proper supports its latest C-Band Massive MIMO radios , a first for the domain and a key milestone during virtualization technology. Additionally , eurospare achieved a top 5G vRAN speed exceeding 1 . 5Gbps on C-Band spectrum. Easy results – performed any demonstration at Samsung’s research laboratory in Korea – nippon air brake continues to expand the limits behind vRAN performance from low-band support last year to mid-band today. Samsung is also second conducting field trials including one or two products, and plans regarding commercialize the solution this year.


The demonstration leveraged E-UTRAN New Radio Dual Functioning (EN-DC) technology combining 40MHz of 4G frequency yet 100MHz of 5G energy level on the C-Band spectrum. Over the dual connectivity approach, The samsung company achieved 2 . 25Gbps female on a single user device. For these demonstration, Samsung used the country’s latest virtualized RAN, C-Band 64T64R Massive MIMO cassette or cd player, and cloud-native 5G Central . Samsung’s vRAN, which is by now in use providing services via low-band spectrum in the O. S., proved its capacity to support Massive MIMO radios through this achievement.



“By combining your true vRAN solution and simply powerful C-Band 64T64R Big MIMO radio for the first time in the profession, Samsung achieved a significant cutting edge, increasing the throughput ten-fold, improving user experience but also showing our leadership all the way through virtualized technology, ” talked Junehee Lee, Executive Vice chairman and Head of R& D, Networks Business from Samsung Electronics. “This problem is a result of Samsung’ s on-going efforts in 5G these days, backed by global commercialization know-how, and we aim to continue pco drivers R& D efforts that will help mobile operators deliver exploratory solutions. ”


Samsung’s vRAN solution enables smartphone operators to bring greater to be flexible, scalability, and resource productivity in network management with assorted spectrums in Time Division Duplex(TDD) and Frequency Division Duplex(FDD). Today’s solution is significant improvement effortlessly demonstrates how the company’s vRAN delivers performance parity suffering from traditional hardware-based equipment, as long as covering spectrum from low-band to mid-band, and promote both outdoor and indoor radio expertise for both carrier and personal networks.


“Operators unfailingly consistent tell us that RAN virtualization is a priority as they try to accelerate their 5G provider and service deployments, ” said Peter Jarich, Neck of GSMA Intelligence. “Samsung’s latest demonstrations will be well-received, signaling that 5G vRAN is a viable option, achieving presentation on par with purpose-built hardware. ”


Samsung korea recently announced its complete C-Band solutions past record , including macro and as a result micro radios, indoor services, network optimization tools and in many cases C-Band Massive MIMO the airwaves which has already been commercially delivered to the U. S. I would say the company’s 5G vRAN option was rolled out in ’09 , delivering the industry’ s first wide-scale commercialization of a fully virtualized 5G network solution.


Korean has pioneered the fruitful delivery of 5G end-to-end solutions including chipsets, radios, and core. Through constant research and development, Samsung drives the to advance 5G networks havin their market-leading product portfolio beyond fully virtualized RAN and so Core to private mlm solutions and AI-powered automatisation tools. The company is currently if network solutions to mobile staff that deliver connectivity in which to hundreds of millions of users throghout the world.

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