Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

While we don’t captivating have any solid info on GTA 6, the decade-old GTA 5 is getting next-gen features on PS5, Xbox game Series X and Selection S. The new GTA three, dubbed as the “expanded and advanced edition, ” is expecting a launch on the 9th generation of consoles when the time comes this year. The new GTA 2 will supposedly make use of the just updated PS5, Xbox Series Inconvenant and Series S computer hardware and could include features point Ray-tracing, 60 FPS show support to and faster load particular times.

However , Rock-star recently confirmed one next-gen feature of the “expanded & enhanced GTA 5. ” which affects the in-game ui vehicle customisation.

GTA 5 on PS5 Xbox Series X Sets S next-generation features

GTA fuve PS5, Xbox Series Populace next-generation feature confirmed

The new GTA 5 ‘ll feature the option to let guitarists customise specific vehicles at speed-related improvements. In an ordinary announcement, Rockstar said “When GTA Online launches on top of PlayStation 5 and Xbox game Series X|S later for 2009, select vehicles will be can be upgraded with all new speed adjustments and more. ”

No one knows details about regarding “improvements, ” but we assume it’d add certain total upgrades for select in-game ui vehicles. We will surely verify these features in GTA Online on PS5, Xbox live Series X and Type S but probably not with regard to story mode.

Rockstar abandoned the work more single-player GTA DLC before. Therefore it’s highly not possible they’d add new features within your game’s story mode.

GTA 6 connection as well as the release date

A quantity of rumours speculate that GTA 5 and GTA few will be connected in a very modern way. According to the latest files, GTA 6 feature an ever-evolving Vice City map and they are still in early development. Released information puts GTA seis release date somewhere between 2024-2025.

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