Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

It looks like Google has purged all fake FAU-G apps from the Play Store. As of writing, searching for ‘faug’ or ‘fau-g’ does not result in any apps being suggested. This would come as good news for the developer of FAU-G, nCore games, as well as the players in general. To recall, The Google Play Store was littered with fake versions of the apps that tried to cash-in on the hype surrounding the upcoming game. These games used multiple techniques in order to get people to download them. Some used the same acronym or sounded the same as FAU-G, while others used the same game logo. Most claimed to be a guide for the game, but considering the fact that the game has not been released yet, it’s not known who these guides were for or if the information in these guides was even accurate. 

fake FAU-G apps have been removed from the Play Store

Those who ended up downloading any of these apps could end up with a bunch of issues. If the user is lucky, they could end up with a cheap asset-flipped game that looks and plays terribly. If they were unlucky, the app could contain malware that may steal data. As such, players are better off waiting for the game to officially release.

Speaking of the game’s launch, FAU-G was supposed to release in November. However, it looks like the game has been delayed. The reason for the delay is not yet known as nCore Game’s Twitter account has been pretty quiet since releasing a trailer for the game on Dussehra. The trailer focused on the Galwan Valley, which seems to suggest that the game will be based on the clashes that happened between Indian and Chinese forces earlier this year. It also shows no firearms, suggesting that the combat will be melee-focused. You can know more about that here. 

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