Over the course of the pandemic, we saw Google expand its offerings to keep up with the growing needs of working professionals. While video calling apps like Zoom captured the market without skipping a beat, one can argue that Google caught on pretty quickly by integrating Meets into the Gmail Suite. Now, the company is planning an update that allows users to make direct video and voice calls directly from the inbox, without generating links to meetings.With WhatsApp dominating the market for spontaneous internet-enabled calls, it will be interesting to see how Google penetrates the same.

Google jumps onto the voice-calling bandwagon to make Hybrid Working easier

Is Google’s Voice and Video Call Update Too Little, Too late?

Spontaneous video and voice calling are old news – but does this mean there’s no space for Google to offer the same? To mitigate the risks of joining an overcrowded market Google is offering its services within the professional space. The new update will be a part of the Google Workforce suite, which already offers video calling through Google Meet. 

The new update will allow employees to chat with teammates at will, without having to go through the rigmarole of scheduling meetings and requesting links. Additionally, users can answer these calls via both the Gmail app on their smartphone, and the web interface. This can be particularly beneficial for employees managing tasks that require constant collaboration. 

What are the other updates Google’s planning to offer?

What are the other updates Google’s planning to offer?

Google Workforce is evolving to meet the needs of a hybrid workforce. With this in mind, the company is changing the way its Rooms feature appears. Reports indicate that the Rooms will feature threaded conversations, much like Slack. The older interface will be soon replaced by four main tabs – Mail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet. Additionally, some users have already begun experiencing Meet’s Companion Mode, which is being updated to accommodate live captions and leverage video conferencing equipment. 

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