Google Home, which is the companion app for all Google smart home products, has now changed the way it displays images to bring a more engaging experience for users. The changes were first noticed on 9to5Google.

How will Google Home’s new Photo Frames work?

Google Home has introduced a carousel style UI for displaying photographs. According to 9to5Google, the images will be curated into three categories, known as “Select family & friends,” “Recent highlights,” and “Favorites,”. You can also scroll past these categories to see all the albums that you’ve ever created in order to access specific photographs that may not be in these categories.

How will Google Home’s new Photo Frames work?

You can then have a look at a preview window that will show how the selected images will look on your NestHub. When viewing this on an iOS device, you’ll also be able to see the weather and time at the bottom of the image. However, if you’re viewing it on an Android device, you’ll only be able to see the image itself.

Google Home has a new Photo Frames setting

More changes to NestHub

Apart from changing the UI of the images, Google has also introduced a few changes to NestHub. One of these includes a new clock face option with the beloved Weather Frog. You’ll also be able to display Froggy along with your images. 

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