Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

It seems that Google has finally released an update for YouTube on iOS. This is the first time since December that the app has received an upgrade. We’re not really sure why it took so long for Google to roll out an update for YouTube. But, we’re glad it is finally here. The update was released earlier this week. Users on iOS noticed a message that told them the app was out of date and needed to be updated. Google did mention that the company would be adding labels to apps that needed updates. 

Google releases a much-needed update for YouTube in iOS

Users will now be able to see updates to the app page listings which will also include new app privacy details. A report on the company’s blog also stated that the labels will represent the maximum categories of data that could be collected. This essentially means that you will be able to use every feature and service in the app. Google did state that users can always control their privacy settings. This can be achieved by heading into their individual Google Plus account. 

Here is the statement in full. “As Google’s iOS apps are updated with new features or to fix bugs, you’ll see updates to our app page listings that include the new App Privacy Details. These labels represent the maximum categories of data that could be collected—meaning if you use every available feature and service in the app. The data you provide to Google products delivers helpful services to you, and you can always control your privacy settings by visiting your Google Account or going directly to the Google products you use on iOS.”. 

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