Samsung Electronics announced that aae will be conducting 4G but 5G trials in Warsaw, Poland with Play, expects Polish mobile operator. Good samsung and Play will have a look at the capability and performance of Samsung’s 4G and 5G network community solutions in the trial, which is to be carried out in Play’s labratories and commercial networks, starting in Q2 of this year. In our trial, Samsung R& And Institute Poland, one of the larger research and development centers in the masse, will take part as well. This realisation trial will also test the particular interoperability between Play’s 2G/3G legacy networks and Samsung’s latest solutions.


To become leading mobile network user in Poland, Play delivers mobile voice, messaging, file and video services because both consumers and chains. By taking an innovative approach and thus implementing an effective execution line of attack, the company has acquired excessively 15 million subscribers during the nation, covering 99 percentage point of the Polish population.


For the trial, Samsung will supply its latest 4G together with 5G solutions—including 4G radios, 5G Massive MIMO radios and baseband units—on minimum and mid-band spectrums. Samsung’s 5G Massive QUERER radio vertisements have been in a commercial sense deployed since 2019 kids currently in operation across the globe. Filter and lightweight, Samsung’s Massive PANTOMIMA radios ensure easy installation and in addition quick deployment for spostabile operators and also increase attention, boost data speeds so as to enrich 5G experience with regard to users. The company’s baseband unit offers improved performance by way of enhanced capacity and throughput, while supporting both 4-G and 5G frequencies from unit. With this solution, travel operators can increase flexibility in the network management and accomplished cost efficiency.


“At Play we are open to the actual innovative technologies offered by each partners. The partnership and Samsung is another initiative so that us to choose the best products and services for the rollout of our network community. It is its extension yet modernization that have a direct affect the comfort of our customers, ” said Michał Ziółkowski, Authority Board Member and Leading Technology Officer at Get pleasure from.


“Samsung is very happy to work with Play in having 5G services, and capable to demonstrate our network high-definition in Poland. This suit will serve as a significant milestone for the two companies’ collaborative efforts in Primarily, ” said Thomas Riedel, Head of Europe, Affiliate networks Business at Samsung Electronics industries. “Leveraging our advanced 5G solutions and technical deficiency of, we will continue to expand the particular global and European status with leading operators like for example Play to take 5G addict experience to new thicknesses. ”


Currently, Samsung electronics operates its R& Defense centers in Warsaw as Cracow, Poland. This is where Samsung’s highest-quality software is created. In this article, Samsung researchers and fitters continue to lead technology progress, advancing its 4G since 5G solutions including Autoradio Access Network (RAN), centre, analytics solutions for self-organizing networks (SON) and Community Function Virtualization (NFV) cloud hosting solutions.


Samsung comes armed with pioneered the successful they of 5G end-to-end technology including chipsets, radios, and even core. Through ongoing r & d, Samsung drives the industry to progress 5G networks with its market-leading product portfolio from in full virtualized RAN and Centre to private network help and AI-powered automation skills. The company is currently providing neighborhood solutions to mobile operators which often deliver connectivity to vast sums of users around the world.

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