Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

While most of my childhood was spent in fairly warm environments like Hawaii or South Carolina, I still recall my first legitimate winter in the midwest. Everything was cold, from my derriere to my ears. But the worst part wasn’t the below-freezing temperatures, it was how the winter climate left the skin on my knuckles so dry that they were cracked and prone to sporadic bleeding. 

Eventually, I conceded that it was time to treat my hands with the same care as the rest of my skin—but my first few experiences with hand creams were disastrous. My desire to avoid medicinally-scented lotion reminiscent of a hospital led me to over-perfumed alternatives that irritated my hands further and triggered intense itching and painful burning.

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I managed to spend four midwest winters in sub-zero temps testing out different creams to similar results, until I *finally* uncovered the solution—Gold Bond’s Ultimate Healing Hand Cream (3 for $15;

From the first application, I knew I had launched into a lifelong relationship with the no-frills moisturizer. Unlike other hand creams, this dermatologist-tested pick quickly absorbs into my skin without leaving behind a thick film or greasy sensation. It also has a wonderfully fresh scent that doesn’t linger past application and never irritates my dry skin.

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To buy: Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand Cream, 3 for $15;

Once absorbed, the lotion creates a protective layer of moisture along the skin with positive ions in the formula keeping the barrier firmly attached to the skin. This means that even though it has a super lightweight feel, it still lasts through the friction of putting on and removing your gloves (another necessity in keeping your hands protected from harsh winter winds) and even stays on after washing your hands. 

Now, not only are my knuckles safe from bouts of bleeding, but I’m left with super smooth hands that are perfectly hydrated from palms to cuticles. Plus, I can count on the effects to last long after my initial application; in fact, I typically only need to apply the lotion once a day right before bed in milder cold weather to reap the benefits.

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Naturally, a product this good isn’t just on my forever wish list. It also has a near-perfect 4.8-star rating on Amazon, with many reviewers calling it their all-time favorite hand cream. One user even said it’s the only product they trust to save their hands from cracking and bleeding (can relate!!). 

With cold winter weather setting in for good, I strongly suggest adding this hand cream into your rotation immediately. Not only will it save your dry knuckles, but you might just like it so much that you use it year-round like I do. 

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