Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Garena Free Fire’s newest doggie, Beaston, is now available to players throughout India. To recall, the pet used to be visible to all players in the domestic pet selection screen, but was not available for sale. Now though, the new pet has become finally available in India. Beaston can be found for 699 Diamonds, which is identical to all the other pets in the game except for Mechanised Pup and Kitty.

Beaston was unveiled earlier in may and resembles a cybernetic baboon. However , the moments seem more like a gorilla.

Skills and actions

As with many other pets, Beaston provides for a special skill that he grants within player. Beaston’s skill is called ‘Helping Hand’. This increases the throwing intervalle of Grenades, Gloo Walls, Flashbangs, and Smoke Grenades. The percentage buildup that players can expect will change in accordance with the level that Beaston is at.

Beaston also has three open actions that can be performed. These are sets off automatically, or activated via the request wheel. This includes ‘Celebration’ that occurs when the ball player kills an enemy or requires a medkit. The second is a ‘Play’ experience that can be manually triggered via the control wheel. The third is called ‘Show’ and that is triggered via the command wheel. Techniques unlocked when Beaston reaches quality two, three and four, respectively.


As one might expect, Beaston’s Helping Hand skill would be positively wasted on players who please do not use grenades. As such the pet can be the option used by grenadiers. Further, Beaston might make a good pairing with the Alvaro reputation. That’s because Alvaro’s passive capacity, Art of Demolition, offers high explosive damage and damage scale. This, combined with Beaston’s boost so as to grenade throwing range, would allow ball players to rain explosive damage on range. Thereby troubling even individual hiding behind Gloo Walls. You can study more about the pets available in how to play craps, here.

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