Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Garena Free Fire is teasing the addition of a new Legendary Costume to the game. The company posted the teaser on its official social media channels. It also teased that players would have seen the costume “somewhere already”. To recall, the game recently received the OB26 ‘Project Cobra’ update. The new skin will be a part of the update that also includes new gameplay features, weapons and more.

The teaser is the exact same photo used by Garena as the main image in the official patch notes published on its website. It is also the image used on the game’s main welcome screen. This gives us a good look at the Legendary Costume before its official launch.

Garena Free Fire has teased the addition of a new Legendary Skin

Free Fire Legendary Costume Details

Details of the new costume are not yet official. But some YouTubers have managed to snag a couple of details by using different versions of Free Fire. According to their videos, the new Legendary Costume will offer exclusive emotes and animations. These videos suggest that the costume will be available with separate sections for the head, face, torso, pants and shoes. It is not yet known if the entire set will be available for purchase together, or if players will have to purchase each piece separately.  Further, we do not know if the special abilities of the costume will require the player to wear all the pieces.

As mentioned earlier, the Legendary Costume is a part of Garena Free Fire’s new OB26 ‘Project Cobra’ update. The update introduces a number of new gameplay features that mix up the core gameplay of the game. This includes new Revival elements that allow players to revive not just individual teammates, but also entire teams. The update also adds a new Training Ground with more activities for players to partake in. The update also adds a new weapon called the MAG-7 Shotgun. To know more about the OB26 update, click here.

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