Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Garena Free Fire’s new OB26 ‘Project Cobra’ update is now provided for all. It brings a host of news and additions. Most notable of these are the new revive systems as well as other game play elements. The update also will provide a brand-new weapon to the play, the MAG-7 shotgun. Here’s swift look at what the newest weapon across Free Fire has to offer.

MAG-7 statistics in Garena Free Fire-starters

Every shotgun, the Mag-7 trades extend for very high damage. This means that as MAG-7 may not be too good in the open, it can decimate rivalry in close quarter situations. Most shotguns in Free Fire, like the M1014, offer a slow rate of fire. So enthusiasts need to be skilled enough to make this special shot count. However , the MAG-7 shakes things up by offering a much increased rate of fire than any other shotgun. In fact , its rate of fire is really close (but not as good) like a assault rifles. This is offset since weapon’s magazine capacity of solitary eight rounds. The weapon also will accept fore grips and stock shares attachments.

Mag-7 vs the

Websites you may want early, the Mag-7 offers the most effective rate of fire as compared to other shotguns in the game. However , the maximum damage is no more than all the others. But the weapon isn’t really under-powered. After all, it is still the actual shotgun and can do a lot of hurt at close range. The rifle has a much higher reload speed along with the M1014 and the SPAS12 has changed into a features a magazine system. While recharge speed is equal to the M1887, the MAG-7 has a magazine dimension of eight as compared to two.

The MAG-7 shotgun’s extraordinary rate of fire and immense wear down at close range make it an appealing option for players who already shares shotguns. It also makes a decent choice as players who prefer to attack opponents by using continuous fire rather than accurately fire. The MAG-7 is available in Cost-free of charge Fire’s Classic as well as Clash Team modes. To know more about Free Fire’s OB26 ‘Project Cobra’ update, click for more information.

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