Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Free Fire is being updated to OB25 and as one might expect, there are a lot of new additions to the game, this includes a new weapon, weapon rebalancing, multiple HUD options and more. It also brings with it a new season of Clash Squad. Here’s a quick look at some of the major new additions to Garena Free Fire

New weapon: Vector Akimbo

The Vector Akimbo is the first weapon in Garena Free Fire to offer dual-wielding. This allows the user to dish out lots of damage. However, the weapon has a very short effective range, so it’s ideal for short range situations like urban areas or inside buildings.

Weapon Balancing

Garena has also rebalanced certain weapons in order to make them fairer and more likely to be used in combat. This includes a drop rate adjustment for the M82B sniper rifle. Now the weapon will be a bit rarer to find and players will have to search more thoroughly in order to find the weapon. 

The M4A1 assault rifle has seen a buff in terms of damage, fire rate and range, making it a more competitive weapon. Alongside this, the P90 SMG also sees a buff in terms of weapon damage. 

Advanced Weapons

Garena has announced that it will be replacing Advanced Attachments with Advanced Weapons. Garena notes that this move was made as players found Advanced Attachments too much of a hassle. As the name would suggest, Advanced Weapons will offer users power weapons that will spawn in random locations in the map. 

Clash Squad Ranked 

Clash Squad Rank Season 4 will kick off from December 8 and those who manage to rank up to Gold III or above will get an exclusive weapon in the form of the Golden P90. Garena also notes that for Season 4, pre-made teams will be matched against each other instead of against randomly selected teams. This should ensure more balanced matches. 

Multiple HUD options

Players will now have the option to create and save up to two different HUD options for different game modes. This will allow players to have a specific set of elements arranged in a particular option for classic mode, and switch things around for Clash matches. 

This was just a quick look at the new features and additions in Garena Free Fire’s OB25 update. Aside from all this, Garena has also announced a partnership with professional footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. He will now be available in-game as a brand-new character called Chrono. You can learn more about that here. You can also read up about this month’s Elite Pass here.

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