Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Garena Free Fire’s new free exchange event is kicking off. Called the Project Cobra yellow cobra exchange token, the event will go on till February 21. The event is a part of the Project Cobra event that was introduced with the OB26 update. The update rolled out earlier this month.

Garena Free Fire: Project Cobra exchange token event details

The Project Cobra exchange token event in Garena Free Fire tasks players will collecting yellow cobra tokens from dead loot boxes in-game. These tokens can be exchanged for rewards. The event has two prizes up for grabs and players will need at least 30 yellow cobra tokens to get all the items.

Garena Free Fire: Project Cobra exchange token event reward details

The event allows players to earn the Cobra Attack parachute and the Game Streamer Gunbox. The former costs 20 yellow cobra tokens, while the latter costs 10 tokens. It should be noted that only one instance of the Cobra Attack parachute is available to players. The Game Streamer Gunbox can be availed up to three times. The Gunbox gives players the chance to win a random gun skin from the Game Streamer set.

The Project Cobra update rolled out earlier this month. The update included a number of new gameplay elements. This includes new revival mechanics. This allows the player to revive a team member or even their entire team. This will add a dash of hope to players who have lost their team early on. The game also added the UAV-Lite. This is a utility item that can be purchased from the vending machine. The item can scan surrounding areas for enemies, making it an extremely handy tool for players.

Besides this, the update also added a new weapon to the game. The MAG-7 is a new shotgun with a relatively high rate of fire. As such, the weapon is deadly in close quarters combat. The weapon will also accept Grip and Stock attachments. You can learn more about the MAG-7 here.

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