Garena has announced that you see, the Jai character in Cost Fire will soon be taken leap store. The developers be aware that Jai will no longer be by far the most after July 31. Still players who already have the character can continue to use it without doing issue even after the evening. Garena also notes because players will be given the opportunity to get Jai for free through the special farewell event to be mailed added to the game soon.

Garena Free Relationship: Jai

The character involved with Jai was added to our Free Fire as a venture between Garena and Bollywood actor, Hritik Roshan. Jai is described as a highly decorated SWAT commander. As one might actually expect from such a backstory, the character is well versed offering weapons and his ability catches that. Jai has a inerte ability called Raging Refill. This ability automatically reloads Jai’s weapon by capable of handling 30% of its capacity if he takes down an competitor. However , this is limited to strike rifles, pistols, SMG and as well shotguns. This makes Jai one of a kind good choice for players who will be almost constantly pushing opposition and taking on enemies.

Jai is currently intended for 499 in-game Diamonds. Nevertheless , Garena notes that masters will be able to pick up the character free via a special farewell delight. However , details of the event are certainly not yet known. Those who decide to top up on Diamonds buying Jai would be happy to remember that Garena is currently running a Top-up event. Those who purchase at any rate 100 Diamonds will get of the Dr . Beanie pet. Bit purchasing 300 or 525 Diamonds will net all of them with the Dr . Beanie Express emote and the DJ Beanie pet skin respectively.

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