Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

It looks like Garena has a treat in store for its fans. The company will offer its new Shirou character for free to all Free Fire players. The character is one of the newest characters introduced in the game. Like most other characters, Shirou features a special ability that can give players an edge in battle. 

How to get Shirou for free in Garena Free Fire 

All players need to do to get Shirou for free is log in to Free Fire on February 27. That’s it. Once players log into the game, they will receive the character and use it whenever they want.

Shirou: Abilities

Shirou is described as the “fastest delivery guy around.” He comes with a passive ability called Damage Delivered. The ability marks any enemy that attacks the player. It should be noted that the marker is only visible to the player and only works if the enemy is within 80m of the player when attacking. 

The marker does more than simply making the enemy easily visible. The first shot on the enemy does additional armour penetration. The amount of additional armour penetration increases and the cool down timer decreases with each level increase in Shirou.

At base level, Shirou’s Damaged Delivered ability offers 50% additional armour penetration and a cool down time 35 seconds. At level 6, Damaged Delivered will do 100% additional armour penetration with a cool down time of 20 seconds. 

Don’t forget about Skylar

Of course, Shirou is not the only new character added to Garena Free Fire. The developers will also be releasing Skylar soon. Skylar is based on Vietnamese music artist, Son Tung M-TP. His in-game description reads that Skylar is a CEO and Superstar.

Skylar comes with an active ability called Riptide Rhythm. This ability releases sonic waves. These waves will damage up to 5 Gloo Walls up to a certain distance. Skylar’s passive ability increases HP recovery for each Gloo Wall deployed by the player. You can learn more about Skylar here. 


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