Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Garena Free Fire is offering pretty major discounts on certain in-game items. The event is called the Cobra Super Sale and lets players purchase items with up to a maximum discount of 70% on items. However, getting that 70% discount is not as easy as it seems. The Cobra Super Sale is the ‘Black Market’ sale that Garena had teased in a post on Reddit.

How Cobra Super Sale works in Garena Free Fire

Each prize pool contains eight items. Players can choose to refresh the list to get more options. However, players will only get up to five free refreshes. Further, players can only buy a total of three items at one time.

Buying one item will offer a discount of 50%, while adding another item will make the total discount of 60%. Buying three items together offers a total 70% discount on all items.

Here’s what’s on sale

Some of the items that will be on sale include the unique Cobra motorcycle. Other items include characters and pets such as Clu and Rockie. It also includes emotes, character memory fragments, clothing items and more.

Garena Free Fire is already hosting two new lucky draws for players. This includes the Cobra Spin and a new Weapon Royale. The Cobra Spin gives players the chance to win a Katana with the Legendary Cobra skin. The other grand prize included is the Cobra Sprinter Bundle. Other prizes include the Ottero pet , Rainbow Dash skin for the Amphibious Quad, Titanium Gun box and more. A single spin will cost users 20 in-game diamonds. But players can buy 10 spins in one go for 180 diamonds. Buyers can also buy a Special Spin for 40 diamonds. This triples the chance of winning the grand prize.

The other draw is the new Weapon Royale. This gives players the chance to earn the AWM – Lucky Koi sniper rifle. The weapon offers a much greater rate of fire along with improved armour penetration. However, the slower reload speed balances things out.

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