Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Garena has confirmed that it will bring content from the popular Manga and Anime series, One-Punch Man over to the game. The series’ protagonist is a supremely overpowered hero who can defeat most enemies with a single punch. 
“We’re excited to welcome one of Japan’s most iconic heroes into the Free Fire universe. We’re always looking to create novel, in-game content infused with influences from across the world and believe that our partnership with One-Punch Man will offer our global community of players even more opportunities to battle in style,” said Harold Teo, Free Fire Producer at Garena.

It is not yet known if characters from the Manga/Anime will make an appearance in Free Fire. All we know is that costumes based on the character will be available in the online store along with in-game items and collectables.  

Garena’s most recent partnership saw the addition of Cristiano Ronaldo as an in-game character in Free Fire. The new character, Chrono is based on his likeness and gives players the ability to use his unique power, Time Warp. This encases the character in a force field that not only protects the player from damage, but also increases movement speed. The new character was made available to players from December 19. You can learn more about the character here.

Besides the new character, the new OB25 update also rolled out this month and introduced a bunch of new features and additions. The biggest of which was the addition of Vector Akimbo. Players can now pick up two Vectors and use them in single or dual-wield action. When dual-wielding, the range and accuracy of the weapon is reduced, but the fire rate is increased by quite a bit, making it a devastating weapon in close range. 

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