Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Cyberpunk 2077 has been having a tough go of it since its launch. The issue stems from performance issues, buggy physics, and glitches in the game, but modifying one config file could help some PC users have a better experience with the game.

Even PC gamers running the RTX 20 series graphic cards had seen abrupt frame drops and below 60 fps on medium settings. As it turns out the issue may appear to stem from the configuration files for the game. This is because the file allocates the same amount of VRAM and Memory as on the Xbox and PlayStation. 

After the modification, the Redditor ‘ThePheonixRoyal’ mentioned his game was loading much faster, and he could see more than 60 fps on the game on high settings. Other users have been commenting about the similar bump in frames as well as loading times for the game.

The Redditor has included a detailed guide and also posted a video on the same highlighting a step-by-step process to edit the configuration file as well as the respective values for the PC gamer. Do note that changing these values might abruptly crash the game or even Windows, so be a little careful before changing the configuration.

Here is a TLDR to editing the config file:

Head over to your installed location of the game


X:…SteamsteamappscommonCyberpunk 2077engineconfigmemory_pool_budgets.csv


Y:…GOG GalaxyGamesCyberpunk 2077engineconfigmemory_pool_budgets.csv

Epic Games

Z:…Epic GamesCyberpunk 2077engineconfigmemory_pool_budgets.csv

Use the following scheme to edit your PoolCPU

Note: Be sure to keep 4GB for Windows.

Cyberpunk 2077 quick fix values

Now save the file and launch the game.

You may see some benefits, if not try tinkering with these values some more and try again.

If the game keeps on crashing or not loading, delete the file or replace the changed values with “0” and it should initialize the default values and the game should run as it originally did.

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