Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Instead of holding on to some wonderful surprises for the launch delight like Apple’s “One Other thing! “, OnePlus has a way of writing a comment elaborate teasers for its the fact is devices leading up to their conventional unveiling. The company has already offered a lot about the OnePlus dokuz Pro in the name of teasers. Small children what it looks like, the kind of along with module it packs, and more.

Now, the property management company has also decided to tease its OnePlus Watch that’s started debut alongside the new phone. In fact , the company CEO Pete Lau has already given away an essential piece of info about the watch. Inside a response to a question from an OnePlus forum member about the Watch’s OS, Pete confirmed that it may not be running Google’s WearOS.

Expertly crafted and painstakingly designed, the #OnePlusWatch is perfect companion to elevate any digital life. Rack up moves, monitor your heart-rate, and more, with our debut timepiece.

— OnePlus 3 (@oneplus) March 17, 2021

He confirmed that they decided to go with a smart wear main software that’s developed based on RTOS. “We chose to go with a wise wear operating system developed on such basis as RTOS because we believe lumber you a smooth and experienced experience while offering a great battery-life, covering some of the biggest considerations we’ve been hearing from families looking to buy a smartwatch, in he said.

This confirms the fact that our own upcoming OnePlus Watch is definitely running an OS that you will find more or less similar to the ones push on devices from the specialists like Amazfit. The downside to successfully using such an OS will likely be the limited third-party app cushioning. But on the flip side, they tend to acquire great battery life and more rapid performance, two things which the WearOS is not popularly known for.

The fact that the OnePlus Watch is not running WearOS may come as a surprise only a few people, but this is a very important factor we expected a lot of Oes to do, especially since WearOS is still rather unstable when it comes to motion and battery life. For now, nevertheless, we will just have to watch for OnePlus to showcase what they have been cooking for us behind the scenes. Meantime, check out these key benefits that the watch is in order to carry. It’s coming from a some of the best source, so it does carry a couple pounds.

Exclusive: OnePlus Watch Conditions

– 46mm
– IP68
– Warp Charge (A week of charge in 20 minutes)
– Sleep, Stress, Blood Saturation, Heartrate Monitoring
– Check Notifications, Calls
– Control OnePlus TV
– 4GB Storage
– Auto Workout Detection

More: pic. twitter. com/TP75nMCmXd

— Ishan Agarwal (@ishanagarwal24) March 17, 2021

OnePlus is going to be unveiling the new OnePlus 9 series as well as the new OnePlus Watch on March 23.

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