Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Call of Duty: Mobile’s new Gas Grenade is finally available to players. The fresh new grenade will be available via a seasonal encourage. So players will have to complete different tasks in order to unlock it. Like for example , killing a select number of enemies, including a specific weapon a certain number of a number of hours.

What is the Gas Grenade in the Call of Duty: Mobile

The Gas Grenade slips under the tactical grenade category, positioned other tactical weapons like the flashbang, smoke grenade and Trophy model. When deployed, the grenade lets off a cloud of tear propane. This slows down opponents while foggy their vision and causing the player with the dice character to start coughing. As such, its weapon will work best in choke components on the map (pun intended).

How to get the Gas Grenade

The seasonal challenge to get the Gas or green energy Grenade is called Deadly Mist. The critical first step to unlocking the grenade tasks participants with throwing tactical equipment cast times in MP matches. This will net them 200 Loans. Step two asks players to include Cryo Bombs five times in MEGAPIXEL matches. This will net them a fabulous Wrap skin for the smoke grenade. If players don’t have the Cryo Bomb, they can buy it coming from the in-game Credit Store.

The next step is fairly simple as it tasks grinders with killing 30 enemies in the MP matches. However , the trap is that players will need to have the Tactician+ Perk equipped. This will grant the gamer 10 Weapon XP cards. To finish, players will then have to break some enemy Scorestreak three times using an EMP grenade. This will unlock the Wind Grenade. If players want, that are usable the Gas Grenade 10 times to be able to MP matches to unlock an Dystopia on TV calling card.

Besides the Gas Grenade, the summer season 1 New Order update to have Call of Duty: Mobile will release your current SKS Marksman’s Rifle for MEGA PIXEL matches, sometime this month. The marker is one of two new tools added to the game. You can learn more about each weapons here.

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