One of the biggest questions people had just gotten at the announcement of Battlegrounds Mobile India or even PUBG Mobile India was when your new game would bring over their progress. It is a very valid question. Again, some players had got years playing the game but also losing all their progress and in addition items they had would be heart-breaking and a tad unfair. Suitable for those who had spent hands on money on in-game remedies.

Thankfully, Krafton has given players a method to regain access to their unwanted and old account. Provided they attached their account to Facebook.

How to can transfer older PUBG Mobile balance to Battlegrounds India Mobile phone devices

If you’ve around the globe installed the game, you should be advised to link your account naturally. If you haven’t got regarding prompt yet, Don’t worry. Do not manually do so by started into the Settings menu. There, the advantage to transfer your account really should be right on top.

When transferring your account, you’ll also first get a pop-up in dealing with terms and conditions and such. You can read all of them with if you feel like it, or you have the ability to just click on ‘Yes’.

You will then have to find the account you had linked the old PUBG Mobile description with. It would either get Facebook or Twitter.

At that time log in and allow the game toward retrieve data.

The game will then restart and you ought to have access to your old benutzerkonto again. This should include your front page standing, previously owned inventory as well as any sort of UC that you may have had.

That was a quick focus on how you can transfer your PUBG Mobile account to Battlegrounds Mobile India and gain back your old inventor. Nevertheless , If you are looking for ways to employed in the game, click here. We have as well as detailed ways to become a beta tester for the game but they have also highlighted ways that you can even side-load the app.

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