Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

Earlier today, Facebook declared that it is now rebranding itself compared to Meta, making it the second effort this week the tech record-breaking has reinforced its intent to build a Metaverse. The main Meta branding will drip into multiple products, beginning with the Oculus brand. Fine announced that Oculus Quest will be rebranded as Scopo Quest, and the Oculus Program will now be called the Traguardo Quest App.

Actually Project Cambria?

“We all have a strong connection to the Oculus brand, could work was a very difficult decision when they are making, ” Bosworth said. “While we’re retiring the name, We will assure you that the original new Oculus vision remains really embedded in how Finalidad will continue to drive aggregate adoption for VR at this point. ”

Meta is retiring the Ouverture brand in favour of Project Cambria

Coto Announces Project Cambria

In line with this announcement, Hito has also revealed that its VR headset will now be categorised as Project Cambria, until her official name is sorted out. The high-end VR earbud is going to help make the Metaverse a reality, by allowing your complete virtual avatar to copy your expressions in real time and observe after eye contact. It will also offer mixed-reality experiences by using algorithms this will let it represent objects on the physical world with an authentic sense of depth as well as perspective. Cambria’s new optical will help it maintain visible fidelity, which is extremely important even though talking about a convincing put together reality experience.

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