The Facebook Company continues rebranded and will be known as Obiettivo going forward. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the rebrand for Connect 2021 and the home business} is now aiming to build each of our Metaverse which is described as “a hybrid of today’s using the net social experiences, sometimes additional into three dimensions also known as projected into the physical population. ”

The Facebook Company encapsulated advertising and marketing services including Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and Ouverture. Going forward, these services probably will fall under Meta but the rebrand does not affect how Stumbleupon, WhatsApp and more will perform.

“Our corporate program is not changing, however , the way you report on our financials does. Starting with our results to the fourth quarter of 2021, we plan to report along two operating segments: Category of Apps and Reality Facility, ” the company said from the press release.

On Metaverse

CEO Token Zuckerberg recently announced a fifty dollars million investment in transnational research and program spouse to ensure the Metaverse products are expanded responsibly.

As Zuckerberg explains inside Founders letter, the Metaverse will ensure that you are in the know-how and not just looking at it by just visual aid. With it, the retailer wants to explore the “ultimate dream of social technology” plus its giving you a feeling of presence, think you are with another person within place.

“In the metaverse, youll be able to do almost anything imaginable — get together with friends and family, efforts, learn, play, shop, get — as well as completely new ideas that don’t really add how we think about computers alternatively phones today, ” Zuckerberg writes in the Founder’s Standard.

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