Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

TCL launched the first TV running on Android TV 11 – the TCL P725 in India. The TCL P725 is an LED backlit LCD TV and comes with a host of features such as hands-free controls, a webcam in the box and comes in a bunch of screen sizes ranging from 43-inch to 65-inches. You can learn all the details, price and specifications of the TV here. 

After the launch, we at Digit had a chance to sit with Mike Chen, General Manager, TCL India to talk about the launch of the TCL P725 and the future of TCL TVs in India. We asked him when we can expect TCL’s Mini LED TV C825 and QLED TV C725 to launch in India. To this, he said, “We will launch the Mini LED TV in May. We will launch the C825 and will also launch the C725 with video conferencing. The C825 is the Mini LED TV with video conference. The product launch for May is confirmed”. 

So, those of you looking forward to the TCL C825 and even the TCL QLED TV C725 launch won’t have to wait long as the TVs will launch in 2 months. 


The TCL C825 will be the company’s second-generation mini-LED TV. Considering the number of mini-LEDs in the TV, we can expect better brightness and contrast thanks to its full-array backlighting with local dimming. The C825 also features Quantum Dot Technology, which should help enhance the colours and overall picture quality of the TV. 

In addition to supporting HDR and Dolby Vision, the TCL C825 also supports Dolby Vision IQ. Dolby Vision IQ uses the metadata from the content being consumed along with the TVs light sensor to give viewers an optimal viewing experience. This means that the settings of the TV can be adjusted automatically to offer the best possible viewing experience based on the lighting of the room. The TCL C825 also supports HDMI 2.1 Just like the TCL P725, you can also use the TV for video conferencing.

TCL P725 Video Conferencing

One of the more unique aspects of the TCL P725 is that it comes with a camera. Users can hook up the camera to the TV and make video calls using Google Duo with up to 32 people. The camera comes with a shutter that can hide the camera lens when it is not in use – a handy feature for those with privacy concerns. Users can also unplug the camera if they want. When I asked Mike about bundling a camera with the TV and how this would affect those working from home, his answer was closer to his heart than expected. He said, “During the lockdown, I wanted to talk to my family. I was missing my family. But when I talk to them using a mobile phone, I can only see one person. It’s difficult to see more people (together). So, I felt if I needed this one (feature), the Indian customer also needed this one (feature)”. 

For those of you that have been away from your family and can’t travel back home as often as you like, this is a good option to share moments with loved ones on the big screen rather than huddling around a mobile phone trying to fit everyone in a small frame. 

During the 2020 lockdown, we had a chance to speak with Mike about the hurdles and challenges of launching products in a work from home environment and also the growth in importance of the TV as many people were spending more time at home. You can catch that interaction here. You can also check out our review of the 2020 TCL C715 QLED TV here.

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