Ewar Games has has announced a new online Ludo contestevent, fight, games, joust, match, meet, meeting, series, sport, test, tilt, tourney called Ludo Ki Jung. The new tournament will be contained over a period of two days and is delivering a prize pool with Rs 2 lakh. Parth Chadha, Founder & PRESIDENT, EWar Games stated, “We are happy to announce the main Ludo ki Jung meetingseries, sport, test, tilt, tourney – a one-of-its-kind, instruit initiative by EWar in order to the esports and economical gaming vibe within India’s casual gaming enthusiasts, the fact that comes as an unmissable chance for Ludo lovers to play in addition to win real money rewards! Most of the tournament will definitely bring to cognition emerging talents and talented players in India’s Competizione gaming scene, and will also present a further boost to the broadening momentum of the nation’s ‘mobile-first’ Ludo gaming scene. We now at EWar look forward to forwarding supporting and encouraging real money masters, casual gamers, esports users and various other stakeholders in a very country’s gaming ecosystem as a result of such tournaments. ”

Ludo Ki Jung: Signing up and dates

Signing up for the Ludo Ki Jung will close on Oct 4. The registrations have time and any player is going to be free to sign up. In order to do therefore players will need to download the exact EWar app and go through the ‘Ludo Tournament’ banner following which it click on the ‘Join’ button.

The Ludo Ki Jung tournament will be operated on September 4 or September 5, 2021.

Ludo Ki Jung: Mode and prizes

Because of both days of the matchmeeting, series, sport, test, tilt, tourney, there will be around four various of Ludo gameplay even every day on EWar’s platform. Game enthusiasts will need to play the maximum wide range of games and win the level number of wins too. Details will be decided on the basis these. EWar notes that complete 200 players stand to help win cash prizes of up to Rs 50, 000 in this tournament situation.

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