Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Both the OnePlus 8T (review) and OnePlus 9R (review), which are notoriously more related than different, debuted suffering from LPDDR4x RAM. Somewhere later on, however , OnePlus quietly improvedadvanced the RAM on all these mid-rangers to LPDDR5.

The official page intended for OnePlus 8T still promotes LPDDR4x as the RAM garden, while the OnePlus 9R’s regular listing refrains from enumeration the RAM type too.

As XDADevelopers point out, the difference became established when users tried to unbrick their 8T or 9R using the MSMDownloadTool, which was not compatible with the LPDDR5 MEMORY variant.

Each generation of LPDDR (which by the way stands for Decreased level of Power Double Data Rate) RAM, strives to increase resources and reduce power consumption. As compared with LPDDR4x, the LPDDR5 make use of techniques like bank collection to deliver 50% faster dependability. It also manages to reduce the consumption by up to thirty percent using holistic design increases and a deep sleep form.

That’s a substantial gap, yet most OnePlus 8T or 9R targeted prospects won’t be able to tell the difference spare for while engaged in demanding tasks like gaming together with game streaming.

OnePlus hasn’t specified explanation for the switch, but if we to guess, it could be because of shortage and the need to maintain your production lines running. A very downgrade would have understandably enhanced a furore, so the renovate to LPDDR5 RAM may made sense.

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How to check if your whole OnePlus 8T or OnePlus 9R has LPDDR5 MAIN MEMORY?

You can use the following ADB command to find out if your OnePlus 8T or 9R may have LPDDR5 or LPDDR4x MEMORY.

adb housing getprop ro. boot. ddr_type

If the ADB terminal returns a value ‘0’, then your phone has LPDDR4x RAM. For phones which contain LPDDR5 RAM, the command line will return a value ‘1’.

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