Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

After months of prénotion, team 4 Unknown offers emerged as the winner of Qualcomm Snapdragon Conquest’s Season one As winners, the team could take home the grand reward of Rs 20, 00, 000. To recall, the very Qualcomm Snapdragon: Free Flame 2020 Open tournament came announced back in November recently. The Finale was over the course of 2 days (March 12 and Sashay 13), during which time the 16 finalists battled it out as the champion.

Rajen Vagadia, Vice President, Qualcomm The land of india Private Limited and Forthcoming, Qualcomm India stated, “Our heartiest congratulations to number 4 Unknown for winner the first season of Snapdragon Conquest. It was inspiring to find the strategies and the high level associated perseverance the gamers revealed throughout the tournament. We are as well proud to have had all of this opportunity to bring gaming abilitie and communities together starting from across the country. India has a exceptionally promising eSports ecosystem, all of us are committed to supporting for each way, be it with things powered by Qualcomm Technologies’, or programs such as Snapdragon Conquest. ”

Qualcomm Snapdragon Conquest: Free Fireman Open 2020 prizes

Besides the winning team, the several tournament also awarded create money for the first and as a consequence second runners-up teams. There have been also valour and mafia efforts.

Fc Elite finished as the starting runners up and gained Rs 8, 00, 500. The second runners-up were club Life Hackers who were declared a winner Rs 5, 00, thousand.

Team main reasons why Unknown also won Rs 1, 00, 000 vacuuming up the highest number of kills. That that wasn’t enough, part of the team 4UN-Deadsoul won the prize for the individual with the top kills in the Grand Climax. 4UN-Deadsoul received Rs twenty five, 000 for this achievement.

There were also the awards given out on the basis of fanatic votes. Player TE-Pahadi had to be voted the most popular player and as well won Rs 50, 1000. Meanwhile, Total Gaming Esports was voted the most popular workers and won Rs um, 00, 000.

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