Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

As we reported earlier, CD Projekt Red has said that Cyberpunk 2077’s DLC would be announced when the game was released on December 10. Well, we’ve got more news coming up as CD Projekt Red President Adam Kicinski has also said that the game’s multiplayer ‘mode’ will be an almost stand-alone game by itself. According to a transcription of an earnings call by SeekingAlpha, Adam Kicinski said, “So, first, we don’t call it modes. It’s a separate, dedicated production, a big production. We think about it as a standalone product.”

So what does that mean? Well, for one, the game could still be connected to the main Cyberpunk 2077 single-player world but will offer completely different experiences, missions and so on. The company has been keeping the multiplayer portion of the game under wraps for now, but we do expect CD Projekt Red to make an official announcement soon enough. The game is scheduled to be launched on December 10, so we should definitely hear more about the various in-game modes then. Although, Kicinski has also said that we should get more news about the multiplayer mode during Q1 2021. 

One thing to note is that the multiplayer portion of the game will have micro transactions but it isn’t clear at all what kind of game economy it will follow. Rest assured that if you want a particular piece of gear, you may have to pay for it. But CD Projekt Red have also said that the company intended t deliver a value for money product even when it comes to micro transactions. 

Well, all we can do right now is wait for the game to come  out on December 10. Stay tuned to Digit for more Cyberpunk 2077 news and updates. 

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