Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Cats are just like humans — sometimes they don’t want to work out!

Earlier this week, a veterinarian uploaded a hilarious, and very relatable, video showing a large gray cat, nicknamed Cinder-block, using the absolute least amount of effort while being made to exercise.

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In the clip, the cat manages to remain almost completely stationary as she stands at the edge of an underwater treadmill, using just one of her paws on the moving track.

“You working out?” the vet can be heard asking the cat, who responds with a very loud and moody-sounding meow — which she repeats numerous times throughout the clip.

“That’s good work,” adds the vet.

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In the description, the veterinarian provides a little more context as to how the clip, which was taken earlier this month, came about.

“This video shows a cat who was relinquished to me by her owner,” the veterinarian explained. “Cinder, the cat, also known as Cinder-block, is a morbidly obese cat who is now on a weight reduction program, which includes an underwater treadmill.”

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The hilarious video, entitled “Cat Unsure of Underwater Workout” has already been viewed more than 243,000 times — and received a slew of comments from people who really see themselves in the cat.

“No No No No,” wrote one commenter. “I hate workouts too.”

“Awwwwwwe, I feel you baby! I have these days, too,” added another.

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