Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Call of Duty: Mobile recently launched a advanced version of the game in Piedrecita. As it turned out, the Chinese account of the game packed a whole host of news that haven’t yet made it the particular global version of the game, particularly in the Battle Royale mode, where tom the Chinese version of ?call of duty?: Mobile has taken cues from ?call of duty?: Warzone. It should be noted that while all this will come in the Chinese version, it does not electronically guarantee that they will make their way to the quality version of the game.

Here are some of the new additions experts have seen in the Chinese version with the game.

A new vehicle

The Chinese version of the actions seems to have a truck added to the game, with the current crop of vehicles simillar to the Antelope, ATV and the tank. It isn’t yet known exactly how the 18 wheel truck will serve any specific provide. It should be noted that Warzone also includes a truck.


You see, the Chinese version of Call of Duty: Express also lets players self-revive in Competition Royale. Right now, only teammates possibly can revive downed teammates. With self-revive, outright killing enemy team members can become just as important as taking them up.

Buying stations

It appears as though buying stations will be added to the most important map in Battle Royale. While in st. kitts are such stations in the game beforehand, most are limited to the Black Spot area. The Chinese version sprinkles them all over the map, letting experts buy anything from weapons, to school upgrades. There also seems to be available to buy back fallen teammates.

New health and armour system

Right now, the healing system within Call of Duty: Mobile’s Battle Royale Alert is pretty straightforward. You get health back packs that let you heal, while shield helps absorb certain damage. All the Chinese version of the game plainly eschews health items in favour of shield plates. These armour plates can assist improve the overall health of the player of up to three levels, with each individual plate adding one level. To be sure that base health of the user, that should regenerate, similar to multiplayer mode

Besides all this, there are also furthermore that Call of Duty: Mobile may submit the gulag system of revival. As well as a bunch of other changes. You can check set up more in the video below.

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